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Current and Future optimisation INTO POE

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Current and Future optimisation

EE: however has the discharge of the Xbox version of the sport compact poe exalted orbs style philosophy with regards to what proportion may be place into the sport from a graphical perspective?

CW: It hasn’t affected this. The content team have already got to be conscious of individuals with older/slower computers. Our engine team are operating onerous to create positive that every one the content in Path of Exile runs well on the Xbox.

EE: Ground effects are notoriously problematic for several computers to handle, typically creating mid-end graphics cards seem deficient. What will the longer term hold for them?

CW: The team square measure continued to optimize these and alternative effects that may be problematic for computers with lower fill-rate (or alternative hardware limitation).

EE: square cheap poe orbs measure there any major planned optimisation changes on the far side dynamical game mechanics (increasing the solid cooldown on important Strike, for example)?

CW: It’s rare that we have a tendency to perform graphical improvement by dynamical a game mechanic, however will happen in cases wherever that mechanic has such a severe impact. Note that for things like sew important Strike, it absolutely was additionally having a big impact on our server performance! Most of our planned optimisations square measure technical ones instead of gameplay ones.

EE: In lightweight of the praise currency commercialism bots have garnered on on-line forums, square measure there any planned forceful changes for the trade system, or can future development be a reduplication of this system, victimisation Trade Chat because the primary suggests that of commerce?

CW: we've some cheap exalted orbs refinements to the trade expertise turning out, tho' we’re not able to refer them nevertheless. Philosophically, we’re against trade being too straightforward, because it makes Path of Exile into a commercialism game instead of a monster-killing game. we would like to handle frustrations while not creating the method too quick. For more poe game news here by playerhot online!

asked Jan 31, 2018 in LOD 사례 by fifa16coins4u (1,540 points)

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