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Its silver 39mm dial is delicately adorned and incorporates characteristics

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Its rose gold bezel provides the pleasure to the wearer's wrist and temperament, while the brown leather strap matches the design. The silver dial measuring 39mm is perfectly embellished with day screen and luminous hand options. Its metal body and sapphire crystal glass tends to make it durable and also protects from getting scratches. The piece is waterproof within a distance of 100 meters, while its automatic movement keeps accurate time.This amazing beautiful piece demonstrates the aura of positivity and would make the wearer glance majestic. Its golden bezel matches with brown leather strap and provides an elegant touch. Learn more, click this site, welcome to leave a message.
Its silver 39mm dial is delicately adorned and incorporates characteristics like co - axial chronometer, day screen and luminous hand. Its steel body gives the sturdiness, while the sapphire crystal glass protects from getting scratches. It is actually waterproof within a distance of 100 meters which makes it durable.When one prefers for transparency, then this is certainly the model that fits the wearer's wrist. Its silver dial measuring 38mm exhibits the wanted simplicity combined with luminosity. The rose gold bezel complements the two tone strap and radiates the wrist with the wearer.This appealing piece keeps just one glaring with its sparkling appearance. Its white 39mm dial is finely embellished. 
asked Apr 13, 2017 in LOD 관련 기술 by watchlover (1,440 points)

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