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Revelation Online Video Shows You How to Make Adult Loli Cha

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Revelation Online Video Shows You How to Make Adult Loli Characters

There’s some real jailbait designs that some users came up with for the character creation feature in playerhot.com’s cheap revelation online gythil MMO; but if you want to raise that limit from questionable to acceptable, there’s one video in particular that showcases how gamers can make adult lolicon characters in the game.

YouTuber RedChain MMO Gaming put together a quick three and a half minute video creating a character using the loli class to make them into an adult. You can check it out below.

The video goes through the motions of turning the loli-style character archetype into an adult while keeping certain features from the Spiritshaper class, such as the child-like eyes and face structure.

They broaden the shoulders, raise the height of the legs, raise the height of the torso and neck, and give her slightly longer hair. This turns the Spiritshaper revelation online imperial coins class from a little girl into a somewhat adult looking little girl.
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