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The BWD Skating Snoopy Edition Rolex Datejust

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The BWD Skating Snoopy Edition Rolex Datejust (about $16,300) features an ice-skating Snoopy on its watch face. The factory default setting is to rotate bi-directionally for 24 minutes with a three-hour resting period before beginning the cycle again. Cameron partnered with National Geographic and watchmaker Rolex to bankroll the endeavor, which was seven years in the making.
However, repairing a Rolex watch differs from other types of repairs due to the extraordinary intricacy required; and this goes for any watch, not just Rolexes. Has the Triplock system, featuring a triple gasket system, is identified by three dots on the crown which screws down tightly onto the case tube and against the Oyster case providing another layer of protection. Though the price looks expensive, it is reasonable for a men's luxury watch segment.
asked Jan 26, 2017 in LOD 관련 기술 by watchlover (1,440 points)

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