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From the above analysis is seen

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In addition, regarding high score display gold, the use regarding chemical cards basically you cannot buy their african american card, blue credit card. Such as the particular flash gold Suarez, being a striker, all the particular values?? are best, only a slight not enough speed, then the proper approach is you can eat a Hunter (rogue) chemical credit card. The speed will become 90 +, shot entirely on the full. 
Therefore, the simple bottom line is that the usage of appropriate chemical cards tend to be more important compared to the pursuit of african american cards. And for your top flash rare metal, with the proper chemical card is simply able to Utmost his key beliefs, and then african american card blue credit card, the significance just isn't big.You can eat Hunter's Suarez, then a black card to boost that is fundamentally minimal.
Advanced utilize: From the above analysis is seen, the player hormone balance is naturally the bigger the better chemical cards to boost quite obvious. But sometimes, you will desire to use low-chemistry participants. For example, played  fifa 17 ps4 know, TOTS Blue Cara Fog up (Layun) benefit quite abnormal, almost all values?? are previously mentioned 85, so a hanging days with the players, but how come a left-back, this is a pity, if utilized to play Striker just how good.
asked Jan 18, 2017 in LOD(온톨로지) 모델 by carlosgold (1,340 points)

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