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Are you content with all these OSRS raid returns?

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Dragon & Infernal Harpoon are usually added as prospective raid rewards. The Dragon Harpoon can be an equippable tool useful for fishing. When useful for fishing, the Dragon Harpoon increases it is likely that catching fish. It needs level 60 Strike to equip and also level 75 Fishing to utilize. It can provide from the rs 2007 gold and doesn't have to be prepared.
The Infernal Harpoon is nearly the same as both the Infernal Pickaxe and also Axe in dynamics. Whilst Fishing, the Infernal Harpoon features a 1/3 chance regarding consuming a bass when caught so that you will will receive handful of cooking experience for your fish. After ingesting 5, 000 bass, the Infernal Harpoon will become uncharged. It can remain used as any Dragon Harpoon on this state, or it could be recharged to acquire another 5, 000 fees.
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asked Nov 16, 2016 in LOD(온톨로지) 모델 by carlosgold (1,340 points)

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